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Reflection Psychology Group Mckinnon 158 Mckinnon Road, Mckinnon, Victoria, 3204


Reflection Psychology Group Mckinnon 158 Mckinnon Road, Mckinnon, Victoria, 3204
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Natalie is a provisional psychologist with a rich professional background spanning over 19 years in South Africa. Natalie’s approach to therapy is characterized by its integrative nature, blending diverse therapeutic frameworks such as psychodynamic theory, attachment theory, person-centred therapy, and dialectical behaviour therapy. This eclectic method allows her to tailor each session specifically to the unique needs of her clients, ensuring a highly personalized therapeutic experience. Her current professional focus is on providing both short-term and long-term individual therapy. Natalie’s broad spectrum of experience encompasses a variety of settings, including public mental health facilities, educational institutions, and hospitals. She is adept at providing counselling services to a wide range of individuals, including children, adolescents, and parents, and is proficient in developing and conducting group interventions for younger demographics. The cornerstone of Natalie’s therapeutic practice is the emphasis on the therapeutic alliance, which she considers essential for cultivating insight and driving positive change. Her collaborative approach empowers clients to tackle challenges, build resilience, and achieve their personal goals. Natalie maintains that clients are the best experts in their own lives, and she is committed to enhancing and leveraging their inherent strengths and skills. Her approach is predicated on the belief in every individual’s capacity for change, guiding them towards enriched experiences and improved well-being. Natalie’s practice is underscored by a deep understanding and respect for the universal challenges faced by humanity; accordingly, her practice values vulnerability and self-compassion, creating an environment that is non-judgmental, nurturing, and safe. This setting is conducive to in-depth self-exploration, enabling clients to examine various facets of their identity, life experiences, relationships, and systemic influences. Natalie facilitates this exploration to help clients understand their reactions to unmet needs and interpersonal and behavioural patterns, thus promoting lasting and positive change. Described as warm, authentic, and perceptive by her clients, Natalie leverages her knowledge and experience, combined with her intuitive understanding, to support individuals on their therapeutic path.

Specialisation and Services


  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Psychodynamic

Patient Focus

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults