Run your entire practice with Halaxy

Smart Calendar

Run your entire practice from your calendar. Ideal for sole, group and multidisciplinary practices

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Patient Records

From case notes, clinical tools to referrals, prescriptions, and clinical dashboards, get the tools you need to better manage your patients' progress

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Full Clinical Invoicing and Payment Processing

Generate and process invoices for any funding body, such as Medicare, Workers' Compensation Schemes and any third party

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Online Bookings

Create your practitioner and practice profiles in Halaxy's searchable directory and embed on your website

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Financial (income, expenses, P&L and more) demographic, practice and clinical reports

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Third party integrations

Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, Reckon, Argus, ReferralNet and more

Why choose Halaxy

Free Core Software
20-hour Customer Support
Customised to your profession
Yes, it takes less than 1 minute.


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Halaxy automatically sends reminders to my patients, I save time following up patients and they don't forget appointments

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Halaxy modernised my entire practice. Whether it was the online booking tool that allowed patients to book into my calendar, or the easy access of patient files. From my perspective it's ideal to have software that I can customise to my way of working

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When I migrated, the support team were really easy to get along with and I didn't have any trouble at all. Everything came across the way it was supposed to.

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It's never let me down

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