clinic location
72 Elouera Avenue, Buff Point, New South Wales, 2262, Australia
clinic location
72 Elouera Avenue, Buff Point, New South Wales, 2262, Australia


IN-CLINIC CONSULTATIONS CLOSED DURING COVID | ONLINE CONSULTATIONS ONLY Axel Starviking, also known as The Starviking (music, vlogging, podcasts and creative art) is based in Buff Point NSW and runs a colourful clinic that serves a global community, via online sessions. Axel's passion is seeing clients released from anxiety, fear, stress and worry, with a focus on co-creating action-based solutions with and for each client. No matter who you are, what you believe in, or how you present: you are welcome and included. Axel is the loving parent of two Trans kids, and is also a part of the LGBTQIA+ community and uses their 20+ years of experience to assist members of the Trans community (including their family members) with their transitions, utilising proven methods ranging from Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy to Hypnosis, and uses the DeTrauma Technique ™ for any trauma work. Axel qualified through HTA (Hypnotherapy Training Australia an online college internationally recognised by IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), and recognised by the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association) and the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists), the two major governing bodies of Hypnotherapy in Australia. HTA is also a founding member of the HCA (Hypnotherapists Council of Australia) a regulatory umbrella organisation for Hypnotherapists, and is continuing on with ongoing studies in therapeutic areas of interest.

Area of Focus

  • Hypnosis

Patient Focus

  • Adults
  • Older adults
  • Women
  • People with disabilities
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
  • Non-Binary People

Languages Spoken

  • English


  • Online consultations


  • Certificate Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate Gestalt Therapy
  • Specialist in The DeTrauma Technique
  • Diploma in Addiction Counselling accredited by CTAA - Complementary Therapists Accredited Association


  • Australian Hypnotherapy Association


  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotic Sciences
  • Certificate in Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • Diploma in Addiction Counselling

Fee / Service

  • _1-on-1 Hypnotherapy Session (Define your need during the booking process) A$100.00
  • _A Year of Change! (Book each of your 12 x Monthly Sessions here! Details in notes below!) A$100.00
  • _DeTrauma Technique Part 01 (PTSD & Trauma Hypnotherapy) A$100.00
  • _DeTrauma Technique Part 02 (PTSD & Trauma Hypnotherapy) A$100.00
  • _Quit Smoking - FIRST SESSION 2hrs A$200.00
  • _Quit Smoking - SECOND SESSION - this is an ongoing fortnightly therapy until the client feels happy A$100.00
  • _Rainbow Lotus: Sexuality & Gender Support | LGBTQIA+ A$100.00
  • _SPECIAL 02* 40% OFF! - Jan 2022 - New Year / New You A$60.00
  • _SPECIAL 03* 20% OFF! - Feb 12th & 19th - Tantric Connection for Couples A$80.00
  • _SPECIAL 04* 10% OFF! - April 2nd & 9th - Fresh Start: Anxiety Reduction A$90.00
  • _SPECIAL 05* 50% OFF! - May 7th & 14th - A' la Carte: Choose What You Want A$50.00
  • _SPECIAL 06* 25% OFF - June 14th to 18th - Solstice of Solitude: Find Peace Within Yourself A$75.00
  • _SPECIAL 07* 20% OFF! - Aug 16 to 27 - Spring Clean! A$80.00
  • _SPECIAL 08* 15% OFF - Oct 22nd & 29th - Halloween/Samhain: Past Life Experience A$85.00
  • HTA Students Compulsory - [Session 1] [Session 2] & [Session 3] A$100.00
  • Hypnotic Practices Training 01 [0] A$0.00
  • Hypnotic Practices Training 02 [50] A$50.00
  • Hypnotic Practices Training 03 [100] A$100.00
  • Podcast / Vlog by Invitation Only A$0.00


This week

Tuesday12:30 pm - 5:45 pm
Wednesday10:00 am - 5:45 pm
Thursday10:00 am - 5:45 pm
Friday10:00 am - 5:45 pm
Saturday11:00 am - 1:15 pm