clinic location
Darlington, Western Australia, 6070, Australia
clinic location
Darlington, Western Australia, 6070, Australia


Gabriel is passionate about helping people empower themselves to create their life the way they want it to be. Having overcome long term anxiety himself, he understands how difficult it is to live in a state of stress – in survival mode. This is what has driven him to understand how the mind works, especially the influence of the subconscious mind. From an early age, Gabriel did not accept the status quo, searching for knowledge and truth. In his search, he has been guided by people such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Benjamin Harvey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Ajahn Brahm, Mike Dooley and Sadhguru. He grew up with a strong connection with the outdoors and with an attraction to the simple things, like growing fruit and vegetables and exploring nature. Martial Arts has played a big part in Gabriel’s life since he was a child. Although initially being drawn to the physical aspects and wanting to emulate his hero Bruce Lee, he is now more interested in the part the mind plays in achieving peak performance. He is constantly upgrading his level of training to bring his clients the most simple, yet effective techniques to develop mindfulness, connect with their true self and overcome conditioning of the subconscious mind. Gabriel’s current qualifications include: * Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis * Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dynamic Creation * Diploma of Coaching from Dynamic Creation * Results Coaching Certification from Authentic Education * Diploma of Meditation Teaching from the Perth Meditation Centre * Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer from Mike Dooley

Area of Focus

  • Hypnosis

Patient Focus

  • Women
  • Men

Languages Spoken

  • Greek
  • English


  • Group Sessions
  • Online consultations


  • Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Diploma of Coaching
  • Diploma of Meditation Teaching
  • Diploma of Meditation Teaching
  • Tera-Mai Reiki-Seichem 1 Initiation
  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer


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