Mackenzie Klinger Psychotherapist

clinic location
2 Sunset Avenue, Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia
clinic location
2 Sunset Avenue, Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia


Are you looking for an integrated, person-centered approach to your mental wellbeing? I would love to help you. I’m Mackenzie and I’m an art therapist registered in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific. I use a person-centered, holistic, and transpersonal approach to support my clients wherever they are in their life journey. This means that I believe that our sense of self extends beyond us and includes the rest of the universe. My aim is to provide a creative approach to exploring emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal challenges. In particular, I enjoy working within human developmental stages, attachment, trauma, change and transition, anxiety, and emotional regulation.  I believe that we can achieve change and improve self-awareness through the exploration of self-belief, internal curiosity, and being open to an ever-changing narrative. I strongly believe that a diagnosis does not define a person, it merely acts as a descriptor. Using diagnoses can be helpful in designing therapy and understanding symptoms but ultimately I am here to support and understand you in your entirety. My studies have included a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Studies and Psychology from Temple University, Pennsylvania, United States, close to where I grew up. My laid-back and easy-going personality drew me to Australia’s oceans and lifestyle, where I completed my master's of mental health and art therapy at the University of Queensland. Before I found interest in creative therapies, I drew on energetic support.  My practice has been founded on the principles of Usui Reiki which I have studied for ten years and of which I am a Master Teacher. The balancing effect of Reiki combined with art therapy has proven to be an effective self-care and general wellbeing tool for myself, which I love sharing with you, my clients. Art therapy and Reiki complement each other’s processes through the mind-body connection and not being solely reliant on verbalisation. Both are based on the present unfiltered experience, which is your natural response without cognitive doubt. You do not need to have the words immediately to describe what is going on for you in your mind or body, because this clarity comes through the act of creating. Both therapies challenge your perspective and thought processes in a gentle and individual approach.


  • Art Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

Patient Focus

  • Teenagers
  • Women
  • People with disabilities
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Non-Binary People


  • Group Sessions
  • Home Visits
  • Online consultations
  • School Visits