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ILKER has been registered as a psychologist since 2014 and has been treating various psychological conditions with people across the lifespan, including young children, teenagers, adults and older patients. Ilker holds two Masters titles; a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Education. Having worked within schools for 15 years, and having worked with clients across the entire lifespan, including aged clients, he is able to draw on this experience and insight to develop therapeutic relationships to connect with clients that speak to directly to their needs and in a relatable language. This supports patients to achieve transformative and sustainable change for a variety of therapeutic goals. Ilker offers a range of psychological services, psychotherapeutic modalities and related services: Modalities • Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) • Psychoeducation • Neuropsychotherapy (MIAAN - Member of International Association of Applied Neuroscience) • Family Therapies • Narrative Therapy Services • Counselling & Psychotherapy Services • Psychometrics & Assessment • Coaching & Consultancy • Workshops & Facilitation • Community Engagement • Life Skills & Optimisation • Children, Adults & Older • Medicare, Bulk Billing, TAC, NDIS, WorkCover, VOCAT, DVA Ilker has experience in treating various conditions, among others, depression and anxiety, conduct disorders, trauma-related disorders, phobias, personality disorders, impulse regulation, substance concerns, relationship issues, and sleep-related disorders.