Carter Blair Physiotherapist

clinic location
Physiotherapy Gym, 620 South Pine Road, Brendale Gym, Queensland, 4500, Australia
clinic location
Physiotherapy Gym, 620 South Pine Road, Brendale Gym, Queensland, 4500, Australia


Carter is All About Kids’ first Physiotherapist and is enthusiastic about helping children and young people move better. He offers a high energy and fun therapy environment that makes therapy somewhere kids want to be, rather than have to be. Carter is also able to offer an innovative and unique therapy setting through the use of the Albany Creek Gymnastics Club for therapy sessions. This fun and exciting environment offers a huge range of therapy activities that just cannot be achieved in a typical therapy room. Carter has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Queensland which he attained in 2020. Prior to graduating, Carter worked with children for over 10 years as a gymnastics coach in both recreational and competitive programs, and continues to compete at a national level himself. Carter has also worked closely with children with ASD as a support worker. This background has shown him the importance of sport, movement, and participation for youth, which drives his practice and philosophy. This has given him the skills to form strong connections with children and families, so that they can get the most out of their therapy. Carter has experience working in a range of population groups, including people with physical disability (such as Cerebral Palsey, Spina Bifida, Arthrogryposis), Genetic conditions (such as Angelman Syndrome and Down Syndrome) and Developmental Conditions (Such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention disorders, Developmental Coordination Disorder and Global Development Delay). Carter has a passion for Neuro-Sensory-Motor Development (the relationship of the brain and senses to movement) which forms a pillar of his practice. Carter has also had experience in research, working for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute as a research assistant in an ongoing study. He has strong alignment with evidence-based practice and aims to utilise the most up to date assessments and treatments to help children achieve their best. Carter provides assessment, recommendation, and treatment for issues such as: * Coordination and motor difficulties (Poor planning of movements or ability to learn new movements, poor balance/frequent tripping/falling, toe walking and other gait abnormalities, poor postural endurance (can’t sit still), developmental motor skills and sensory dysfunction.) * Joint and muscle conditions (Low tone /floppiness, High tone/stiffness, hyper mobility, joint hyper mobility syndrome, joint dislocation, scoliosis -abnormal spinal curve) * Sport and Sport skills (Poor muscle strength, Poor ball/sport skills, Sports injuries, load management in sport and growth related pains such as Osgood Schlatter’s disease) * Carter is also able to offer recommendation and assessments for Assistive Technology such as wheelchairs, Standing frames, strollers/pushchairs, activity chairs and more. Carter is able to provide the following assessments and relevant reports: * NSMDA (0-6 yrs) or a Physiotherapy Neuro-sensory-motor Assessment (7+ yrs) * Movement ABC (Does AAK have one? Otherwise I might need to save up and buy my own) * HINE (Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination) * Kids BESTest (Paediatric balance assessment) * TGMD 2/3 * Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM)

Area of Focus

  • Paediatrics
  • Sports physiotherapy

Patient Focus

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • People with disabilities

Languages Spoken

  • English


  • Home Visits
  • Online consultations
  • School Visits


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)


  • Advanced Gymnastics Coach (MAG)
  • Advanced Silver Gymnastics Judge