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Manage patient profiles and clinical records

Create and import highly customisable templates and tools to record and monitor every single aspect of your patients' health and treatment.

  • Manage patient profiles
  • Set up patient funding
  • Create and send patient intake forms
  • Import clinical templates and tools
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Streamline your scheduling

Unlock the magic of Halaxy's 1-click workflow and discover how you can run your entire practice with Halaxy's Smart Calendar.

  • Set up your calendar
  • Manage appointments
  • Set up telehealth appointments
  • Schedule automatic reminders
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Getting started with Halaxy

Perfect for new users or those with a little bit more experience, our Getting Started webinar covers everything you need to know to launch and run your practice in Halaxy.

  • Set up your practice
  • Run your entire practice with Halaxy's 1-click workflow
  • Start processing payments
  • Manage users and access
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Access Level

In this webinar we detail how you can customise practice access levels to suit your needs.

  • Assigning different access levels
  • Customising access for practitioners, locations, and information types,
  • Hiding patient names - Enabling Two-Factor Authorisation
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Online Bookings

See how Halaxy's Online Bookings features integrate directly within your practice. Provide your patients and clients with an easy to use booking option and simplify your administration at the same time!

  • Listing on Halaxy's Public Directory
  • Adding Online Bookings forms to your website
  • Automating Reminders, Intake Forms, and Clinical Templates
  • Accepting payments and deposits
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Automate your Processes with Halaxy

We show you how different parts of your Halaxy can connect to reduce and remove your daily administration.

  • Smart Calendar explained
  • Streamline Appointments with Notes, Invoices, and Reminders
  • Background Payment Processing
  • Complete Practice Reporting
  • Customised SMS & Email Campaigns
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Payments Processing

Learn how you can accept payments from anywhere with Halaxy's Payment Processing.

  • Comparing physical -v- online payment processing​​​​​​​
  • Accepting deposits and issuing refunds​​​​​​​
  • Receiving payment before and after appointments
  • Running payment reports​​​​​​​
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Financial Reporting

Learn how Halaxy's Financial Reporting tools help you simplify your practice's financial reporting obligations.

  • Understanding Invoice, Income and Profit and Loss reporting
  • Income versus Invoice reports​​​​​​​
  • Creating, filtering, and exporting reports
  • Integrating with accounting packages
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Invoices and Billing

Learn how Halaxy can help make your invoicing and billing a breeze.

  • Understanding funders in Halaxy
  • Billing organisations, third parties, and funding bodies​​​​​​​
  • Establishing regular invoice scheduling
  • Troubleshooting challenging invoices
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Learn how you can leverage Halaxy's Reminders to increase attendance and client satisfaction in this free upcoming guided walkthrough.

  • Customising your reminders for different appointment types and groups
  • Automation tips​​​​​​​
  • The benefits of 2-way reminders
  • Tracking reminder success
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Accounting Integrations

Learn how Halaxy directly integrates with your accounting package!

  • Syncing Halaxy invoices and expenses with Xero, QuickBooks, and Reckon
  • Customising your synced accounts​​​​​​​
  • Reconciling syncing transactions, identifying errors and tracking success
  • Running syncing reports​​​​​​​
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Medicare Claiming

Learn how you can simplify your practice with Halaxy's Medicare Claiming

  • Expert guided walkthrough
  • Tips on how to simplify your Medicare processing
  • Troubleshooting, cancelling, resetting, editing, and resubmitting claims
  • Understanding Medicare payment reports​​​​​​​
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Clinical Templates and Tools - Part 1 of 2

Simplify your practice by leveraging Halaxy's powerful clinical template features

  • Template basics
  • Leveraging Halaxy presets
  • Creating customised notes and questionnaires
  • Automating clinical template creation
  • Receiving information directly from patients
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Clinical Templates and Tools - Part 2 of 2

Learn how you can simplify your practice by leveraging Halaxy's powerful clinical template features in this final part of the Clinical Series.

  • Creating a complete Clinical Tool
  • Building Clinical Dashboards​​​​​​​
  • Creating question and answer datasets
  • Tracking datasets within Clinical Dashboards
  • Running dataset reports
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Virtual Practice: Where telehealth meets practice management

Learn how to set up and successfully run your virtual practice.

  • Online bookings and patient intake forms
  • Appointment management for video and phone consultations
  • Personal Health Record to exchange clinical information
  • Payments and rebates processing
  • Mass email and SMS campaigns