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Van Ryan Therapies Canberra

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Mr Daniel Johnson


Phone1300 826 792(Work)

Daniel Johnson has a warm and compassionate approach, working with clients from various backgrounds, age groups and cultural experiences. He is a member of multiple professional regulatory bodies including the Australian Counselling Association, The International Coaching Federation of Australia and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, ensuring quality, professional counselling services for all his clients. Daniel has worked with young people, individual adults, couples, and family groups to help find better solutions, clarity, healing and rewarding change. Daniel’s kindhearted and open nature allows his clients to relax in a space where they feel they can express their innermost feelings without ridicule or judgment. Daniel’s training and insight into many presenting issues such as, depression, anxiety, attachment disorders, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, anger, and domestic violence as well as suicidal ideation and LGBTIQ concerns, makes him highly effective in his ability to build rapport and understand his clients from an in-depth perspective. Daniel’s approach to counseling is about putting his clients in ‘the driver’s seat’ and working with them to understand what it is they want to achieve from the counselling process, and overall, what they want for themselves ultimately in their lives. Depending on the client’s needs, Daniel uses a variety of evidence-based counselling approaches such as person-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused therapy. A lot of the work Daniel does in his sessions with clients centers around the facilitation of change, goal setting, and the encouragement for personal growth. Life can at times really challenge us. It can test us to our very limits where often we can endure feelings of isolation, loneliness or even despair. At times such as these, help and support can get you back on your way to living your life again – If this is your dream, Daniel can help you get there.
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