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Mindful Synergi - Bellbird

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Ms Jacs Powell


Our dedicated online counsellor, Jacs, knows life is always evolving and shifting. She’ll help you meet the twists and turns with curiosity and compassion because she knows it unlocks new perspectives, possibilities, and release. Jacs is a warm and down-to-earth talk therapist. Her person-centred, interpersonal approach is deeply rooted in trauma-informed values, so you can be sure consent sits at the core of every interaction. She helps families, children, young adults and parents make sense of life transitions – from grief and relationship breakdowns, to quarter or mid-life crises, recent diagnosis, and anywhere in between. Supporting them to understand their life and commit to a deeper connection with self to overcome barriers, addiction and past trauma is her dream work. Jacs knows you don’t always need ‘healing’ to benefit from therapy, and that sometimes we all just need a safe space to vent. She’ll support your process, however you arrive, whatever you seek, so you can walk away with greater self-awareness, acceptance and resilience.
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Ms Nerine Strachan


Phone02 4306 7753(Landline)

Nerine is a counsellor, psychotherapist and yoga instructor who is deeply committed to helping others enhance their lives by nurturing mental and physical health. With an approachable, warm and caring personality, Nerine creates a supportive environment for her clients’ development. She specialises in a psychodynamic psychotherapy known as the Conversational Model. The theoretical framework of the Conversational Model depends mainly on the development of self in relationship, and the integration of unconscious traumatic memory. It has integrated psychoanalytic understanding with research in the fields of trauma and developmental theory, linguistics, memory and neurophysiology. Nerine believes in the intrinsic potential of all human beings for self-realisation. Nerine will help you discover your own potential and facilitate the creation of a happier, healthier you. To find out more or to book an appointment please call 0411 313 726, or email info@mindfulsynergi.com. We look forward to helping you begin your personal transformation to a life of increased balance and contentment!

Rut Frohlich


Inspired by her own journey to inner strength, potential, and grace, our resident yoga therapist, Rut uses specific yoga practices or techniques to help you listen to your body and realise your own greatness. She blends specialised evidence-based, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) training and a passion for working therapeutically to help you process stored trauma and unconscious patterns so you can recover, gain confidence and develop positive habits in your life. This therapeutic and holistic approach allows the yoga to meet the student while taking small integrative steps towards self-efficacy and the ability to self-regulate in daily life. Her work will help you internally observe without judgement, relax, strengthen your nervous system and raise your vitality to cultivate true wellbeing. Rut’s wholehearted dedication to serving others, and natural ability to meet you wherever you are, allows her to provide a warm and nurturing space for your journey to recovery. She’ll help you breathe deeper, move more freely, and step more surely into life. Rut lives on the Central Coast with her 2 beautiful daughters.

Sarah Gilligan


Driven by a love of connecting with others, and a natural curiosity for the human condition, Sarah will help you explore yourself and your experiences with respect and gentleness. She believes true growth and healing occur when you feel safe within yourself and in relationship with others. That’s why Sarah’s person-centred psychodynamic approach is deeply rooted in mutual respect and empowerment. She mindfully creates a loving, nurturing space where you can feel empowered to take the next step in your healing. Sarah creates a unique healing experience in every session by integrating strength-based therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, attachment theory, acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal theory, Gestalt therapy, and her experience as a counsellor and mental health worker. She knows intimately the challenges of being human, and she knows how to overcome them. She’ll shine a light on your experience and give you the tools to positively change your life.