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clinic location
C2/20-24 Karalta Road, Erina, New South Wales, 2250, Australia
clinic location
C2/20-24 Karalta Road, Erina, New South Wales, 2250, Australia


Kim is an educator who has been teaching children with high intellectual potential for the past 8 years. She joins The READ Clinic in May 2022 commencing with Saturday morning availability. Kim's work includes both classroom teaching and the weekend enrichment program, MindQuest in Sydney, for gifted and talented children where she teaches Egyptology. Through MindQuest, Kim came to realise that in addition to enriching the learning of children with high intellectual potential, the need to support the families of her students was equally as important, when the line of parents wanting advice at the end of the weekend, snaked around the block. Kim has drawn on current research and her own case studies to develop a distinctive and proprietary diagnostic tool that identifies high intellectual potential and provides awareness, advice and practical strategies to support the child and the family. Kim has created a High Intellectual Potential/Gifted Education teacher professional development module, which she presents in schools around NSW. • Assessment of high intellectual potential • Educational advocacy • Perfectionism • Underachievement • OC and selective high school preparation. *Please select "Private Paying Appointment" if booking online*.

Area of Focus

  • Education Advisory Services

Patient Focus

  • Children
  • Teenagers


  • Post Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education
  • Masters in Gifted Education (In Progress)

Fee / Service

  • Insurance Appointment
  • Medicare Follow Up Appointment
  • NDIS (Plan/Agency Managed) Appointment
  • NDIS (Self-Managed) Appointment
  • Private Paying Appointment
  • Insurance Telehealth Appointment
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