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Why is Halaxy the best practice management software for Occupational Therapists?

The needs of an Occupational Therapist are different from the needs of a GP and from other allied health professions - and that's how Halaxy is different. Halaxy is the only practice management software in the world that is completely customised to your profession.

Occupational Therapist Practice Management Software

By providing the right features for your profession and health system, Halaxy removes your administration so you can focus on treating patients – saving you up to an hour every day!

Free Core Software

Halaxy's free core software includes all the essential features you need to run your practice. We only charge for helpful add-on products to turbocharge your practice.

Customised Clinical Tools and Templates

Create your own clinical templates or quickly import one of the hundreds of templates and tools customised to your profession, such as annotatable body charts, pain diary, and more.

24-Hour Real-Time Support

From setting up your account to migrating your entire practice, Halaxy offers extended customer support beyond anything else available: 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday!

"I use Halaxy for pretty much everything in my practice. My primary use would be to keep track of my scheduling and I use it for my billing, and it's really helping me move towards being a paper-free practice, and I can keep all my client notes it and I'm finding it really useful."


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Here’s what other Occupational Therapists are saying about Halaxy

You have changed my world!! Thank you so much!
Occupational Therapist
I like your new feature that allows me to run reports of all my NDIS invoices so that they can be entered from the spreadsheet into the NDIS portal.
Occupational Therapist
Thank you for the speed of your response - and that it works!
Occupational Therapist