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Send appointment reminders and notification sms and email messages

Reduce your no-shows with automated reminders

Automatically notify your patients of appointment times and changes with SMS and email reminders - saving you time and reducing your no-shows.

01. Set and forget: Set up your reminders once, notify your patients every time

Enable reminders within your Halaxy and remind your clients and patients about their appointments - automatically – every time a booking is made.

02. Reduce your no-shows to as little as 1%

Reminders help your patients keep track of their appointments, which helps reduce your no-shows and administration to as little as 1%.

Email reminders are free and 2-Way SMS reminders cost the same as 1-Way SMS: 1 Halaxy credit or $0.15 if you top up in bulk.

03. Update your calendar automatically

SMS reminders with patient responses are directly integrated into your calendar, so you can easily see whether a patient confirmed the appointment.

04. Customise the messages your patients receive

Create one piece of copy for reminders and Halaxy’s Dynamic Terms will automatically insert the specific practitioner, patient and location information into each reminder sent.

05. Stay in touch with your patients with SMS Campaigns sent via Halaxy

Want to send out a flu season warning, or follow-up with lapsed clients? Sending customised campaigns for any patient type is easy in Halaxy. Create campaigns across:

  • Patient demographic and clinical data
  • Appointment attendances
  • Referral information
You have changed my world!! Thank you so much! after being assisted with enabling reminders for parents in a split familySally Occupational Therapist

With Halaxy you can

  • Manage all client communication through Halaxy
  • See attendance responses directly within your calendar
  • Automate appointment reminders and regular client campaigns

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