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Manage your patient clinical records easily in Halaxy

A galaxy of clinical possibilities

Patient Records in Halaxy encompasses much more than your free text case notes. The biggest differential of Halaxy's clinical features is that you have the tools to create and import highly customisable clinical templates and tools, and record and monitor every single aspect of your patients' health and treatment.

Best of all, everything is customised to your profession.

01. Create your own clinical note and tool templates in Halaxy

You have the features you need to create any clinical note and tool templates in Halaxy, from body charts to prescriptions and lab requests, and forms and industry recognised assessments complete with clinical scoring.

02. Import hundreds of preset clinical templates from Halaxy's global database

When creating a new clinical note, you can quickly import one of the hundreds of templates customised to your profession that are stored in your Halaxy.

03. Assess and track your patient's health with the Clinical Dashboard

The patient information you collect via clinical tools, templates and template questions, can be set up to monitor the patient’s progress in your Clinical Dashboard.

04. Patient health-tracking devices integration

Your patients can record and share key information about their health using medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors, fitness devices, via the Halaxy Personal Health Record platform.

05. Custom intake form

Create your own custom intake form and send it to your patients to fill out before, between and after appointments.

Capture every single detail you need, from name and address to Medicare number (and any other funder details), payment details, and your customised social history information - and you can even attach your clinical questionnaires to be completed at the same time.

06. Securely share patient records using secure messaging

You can share case notes, pathology results and more with your patient's care team using Halaxy.

I have just integrated the new intake forms which is awesome - loving all the new stuff you guys are bringing out!Emily Naturopath

What can I achieve with Halaxy?

  • Request patients to complete your intake form before they enter your practice
  • Create customised clinical templates that are directly integrated within your Halaxy clinical records
  • Automatically track patients in-and-out of the consultation room

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