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Data security and confidentiality with Halaxy practice management

Security by default

Your data is managed using first-class security and confidentiality practices.

01. Secure data

Your practice data is stored securely in protected data centres with multiple back-ups in place. This data is protected by 256-bit bank grade security and encryption, meaning patient records, notes, and payment information are protected to the same level required by banks.

  • Europe: If you run a practice in the European Union, your practice and patient data is stored securely within Europe in compliance with GDPR.

02. Access levels for any user

Industry-leading access level support means that you can set up access to information in your practice the way you want.

Halaxy includes:

  • four levels for practitioners
  • three levels for administrative staff
  • further patient, clinic and financial access restrictions

03. Secure, two-factor login security

Ensure your practice data is accessed by only your staff with optional two-factor authentication.

04. Anonymise patient information

Halaxy includes privacy by design throughout your practice.

  • Hide sensitive information within patient profiles and clinical notes (e.g. users cannot immediately see clinical notes when they open a patient's profile);

  • Anonymise patient information across invoices and financial reports, so you can provide invoices and reports to funding bodies and accountants without breaching patient confidentiality.

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Secure your practice with Halaxy

  • Manage your practice anywhere, anytime with Halaxy's bank grade security
  • Send secure messages across your health network
  • Set customised access levels for each user within your practice

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