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Halaxy is customised to your profession

Halaxy is the only practice management software in the world that is completely customised to any profession and any country health system.

By providing the right features for your profession when you need it, Halaxy removes your administration so you can focus on treating patients - Halaxy users can save up to an hour every day.

The needs of a Psychologist, for example, are different from the needs of a GP, a specialist, and other physical therapies - and that’s how Halaxy is different.

Here’s how Halaxy is customised to your profession:

01 Customised clinical tools and templates

Patient records in Halaxy encompass much more than free text case notes. When creating a new clinical note, you can quickly import one of the hundreds of templates customised to your profession that are stored in your Halaxy. For example:

  • Annotatable body charts for physiotherapists and surgeons;
  • K10, DAS21, and other mental health assessments for Psychologists;
  • Prescriptions and laboratory results for GPs and specialists; and much more.
  • You also have the tools to create and import highly customisable clinical templates and tools, and record and monitor every single aspect of your patients’ health and treatment.

02 Customised fees and rebates

You can create your consultation fees in Halaxy or import fees from our global fee database, which comes customised to your profession and country.

And any time there’s an update in the Medicare or DVA rebate amounts, for example, we manage and update them for you automatically.

03 Customised to any practice setup and access levels

Halaxy’s core software is free no matter your size or the number of practitioners in your practice, making Halaxy ideal for sole, group, and large multi-disciplinary practices alike.

You can manage your own sole practice without a receptionist or set up your Halaxy for multiple practice locations and professions.

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